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Attorney Andrew Greenlee - Practice Areas

Appeal Your Judgment

Trial litigation and appellate litigation are fundamentally different. When your trial ends and the outcome is not what you expected, you need an experienced appellate attorney who can quickly grasp the essential facts and craft the winning argument on appeal. Andrew Greenlee served as a law clerk to a federal judge and has unique insight into the mechanics of judicial decision-making. He also has broad experience in complex appellate litigation. Attorney Greenlee has the skill, creativity, and insight to handle any appeal, civil or criminal, under federal or Florida law. If you need an attorney to represent you on appeal, contact Andrew Greenlee today at 407-808-6411.

Post-Conviction Relief

A criminal conviction can make your life very difficult. Guilty verdicts can lead to jail time, community service, fines, and the loss of your right to vote and bear arms. Post-conviction relief focuses on constitutional errors that were not raised on appeal, including double jeopardy, ineffective counsel, actual innocence, or prosecutorial misconduct. If your case had a constitutional defect, we can help you vacate your criminal conviction and get your life back. For an experienced post-conviction relief attorney, contact Andrew Greenlee today at 407-808-6411.

Trial Support

We can join your trial team to make sure your best arguments are preserved for appeal. Attorney Andrew Greenlee has experience researching and drafting crucial pre-trial motions, jury instructions, and assisting your attorney at trial to ensure specific issues are properly preserved for appellate review. To learn more about our Trial Support services, contact Andrew Greenlee today at 407-808-6411.