Post-Conviction Relief

A Conviction Will Impact The Rest of Your Life

A guilty verdict can have a profound impact on your life. It can lead to jail, community service, and fines. Even after you have finished serving your sentence, a criminal record can make it difficult to find a job, secure housing, or obtain an occupational license. It could even prevent you from retaining custody of your own children.

Felony convictions can also cause you to lose your civil rights. Many states, including Florida, have laws that prevent convicted felons from voting, owning a firearm, holding office, or serving on a jury.

Post-Conviction Relief Can Overturn an Illegal Conviction or Sentence

Some legal errors, such as ineffective assistance of counsel, cannot be corrected through an appeal. Post-conviction relief provides an alternative mechanism to vacate convictions. If your lawyer failed to object to a fundamental violation of your constitutional rights, if the law you were accused of breaking was a law that conflicts with the United States Constitution or the Constitution of Florida, or if new evidence comes to light that shows you were actually innocent, your conviction may be overturned. Other legal errors, such as double jeopardy or presecutorial misconduct, can also be raised on post-conviction relief.

There are times when the sentence for a crime exceeds the punishment that is specified by the law. If the sentence was more than the law said it should be, it may be corrected during the post-conviction relief process.

Andrew Greenlee Can Help

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